Houston Reflexology, Reiki, and Hypnosis with Cheryl Miller

In the heart of Houston lies an expert and up-n-coming master at the hands-on healing arts. I met this woman and quickly became friends with her after a brief encounter with her extraordinary hands. Her name is Cheryl Miller, and she specializes in all hands-on (touch-based) healing modalities to bring peace to a person's body and mind. Truly it's incredible the amount of modalities she not only knows, but she is Certified in.

Cheryl Miller is trained and Certified in Houston Reflexology, Certified in Houston Reiki, trained in Houston Hypnosis, trained in Acupressure, trained in Indian Head Massage, and trained in Raindrop Therapy. She likes to say that she's best at intuitively mixing these modalities to create the most healing experience for a person.

Houston Healer, Cheryl Miller

Cheryl has had this natural ability to provide powerful healing energy with her hands for well over a decade. She realized she had this ability long before training with her reiki teacher in Houston. Upon the passing of her teacher, she believes that he still watches over her spiritually and helps provide additional healing power through her hands. This is also what makes her healing so unique. They are very graceful and honest. She does not boast of her abilities, and she rarely promotes them. In effect, she lets the healing energy speak for itself.

Her Houston Hypnosis sessions can be used for any life-challenge. If you wish to release inner conflict, release TMJ lock-jaw, quit smoking, or rewrite any habit pattern of the mind with a positive, natural truth, then this is the session for you.

Life is this good :)

I have had the pleasure of enjoying a few hands-on healing sessions with Cheryl, and in each session, I have been left feeling fully-relaxed, attuned, and positive. In fact, when she gets her hands about 9 inches from my body, I start to quiver in ecstasy. It's the strangest thing, cause this hasn't happened to me with anyone else.

Hanging with the Houston acroyoga Ananda's in Galveston

Her mission life is to fully-awaken and enlighten. And that's a positive mission when dealing with a healer. We want people to work on us who are energetically 'clean' and won't leave their garbage with us. I have sat with Cheryl and had a chance to "look into her body" (I see people chakras and emotional blockages during Soul Healing and Chakra Balancing sessions), and her body is extremely clean. Usually I can see splotches of various emotional challenges affecting one's energy field, but Cheryl is squeaky clean. She attributes this to her practicing what she preaches; she uses the techniques on herself daily to achieve optimum health and vitality.

If you're in the Houston area and wish for a spiritual healing session with Cheryl Miller, look her up on her website: Cheryl Miller Holistic Healing. Her email is: CherylMiller22113 at

Cheryl's Houston Services Include (some can be offered nationwide, remotely):
  • Houston Reflexology: Here's a great article on What is Reflexology, the art of applying pressure to the hands and feet in order to create physical change throughout the body (all parts of the body energetically connect to the hands and feet).
  • Houston Reiki: the art of moving healing 'universe' energy through one's body or hands into another person requiring healing with emotional or physical challenges. 
  • Houston Acupressure: Here's an article on What is Acupressure. This is a fantastic technique that helps the person by having blocked negative energy within the body be accessed and released by the practitioner, Cheryl Miller.
  • Houston Hypnosis: Any life challenge, any craving or physical pain; use Cheryl to help you re-write the old program and replace it with the positive truth; naturally.
  • Houston Raindrop Therapy: the use of 28 essential oils along the spine to induce a release in pain or a reprogramming of a negative vibration within the body.
  • Houston Indian Head Massage: A good article on How to Do an Indian Head Massage.

The wonderful bonus that these services naturally come with is the healing energy of Cheryl's hands that will leave you in ecstatic bliss after each session.

it's the hands that heal....

Enjoy the bliss,

Soul Healer
The John Positive Company

~Show me the Breath of God in all Things~


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