Sitting with Cau Chin “Uncle 9” Buddhist Monk of Houston

What It's Like To series.... Presents: Cau Chin, aka: Uncle 9.

What It’s Like To sit with spiritual Buddhist monk, Cau Chin is quite interesting.

I recently had the opportunity of meeting Cau Chin after a friend of mine who has seen him for 20 years told me there was a psychic Buddhist in Houston who saw between 60 to 120 people each day for sessions.

You can catch Cau Chin at his shop early mornings in Houston, TX at:
8058 Boone Rd.
By Phone:281-561-5129

I just moved back to Houston from India, and being a Vipassana meditator (a Buddhist meditation) and Soul Healer for clients, I wanted to meet this leader of Houston spiritual society. I see a few clients each day, yet Cau Chin sits with over 100! So I had to check it out.... (and if you have any question whatsoever about your life, you may call 818.6three2.1179 (not part of Cau Chin's organization, we teach another form of meditation and healing related to His work)- se habla espanol)

I drove to his place at 5:30am to begin standing in line. I was already the 6th person waiting for a session that day. Sessions begin at his small shop located in a Strip Mall on Boone Rd. north off Beechnut past the Beltway. It says “Cau Chin” out front, just near the Washeteria.

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His shop opens at 7am, and a few volunteers are handing out numbers and asking you to sit and wait your turn. Couples and friends are encouraged to visit with Cau Chin together in group.

In my 5 years of being around psychics, energy healers, and life-coaches around the world, a session with Cau Chin would have to rank among the most bizarre and fascinating to attend. They only last 15 minutes each on average. Mine began by 8:30am. I have heard of some that go over an hour for people he understands need extra attention or healing.

Essentially, when you meet with a spiritual leader, just seeing them with the intention to receive clarity or blessings in some area of your life is all you need to go for. Everytime I’ve asked for outside help, I’ve always received a positive answer or opportunity come my way. It's a simpe and powerful law of the universe.

Sitting in his waiting room, you listen to peaceful meditative music. There are pictures of other spiritual gurus, like Sathya Sai Baba and the Dalai Lama, among pillars and statues of Gotama Buddha.

A small donation box sits in the corner of the waiting area, which is the only sign of a request for money from your part. Sometimes a small dry-erase board is near the box describing a project they need funding for. Currently, funding is needed for aspects of his Truc Lam Temple in SW Houston.

When my name was called, I went into a cluttered, somewhat messy room, and on the other side of a 1 foot-tall coffee table was Cau Chin sitting on the ground in his brown robe asking me, “Hello Foreigner, please come inside."

This is the part that made me smile. He spoke quickly like a 9 year old child, shuffling through a massive deck of cards as he’d make statements about my life, followed by the word, “Hey”.

“You look like yo daddy, hey.”
“You need to pray more fo yo family. Da Lord listen to da prayers, hey.”
“Money flow into yo life, leave like water, hey.”
“Yo relationship like yo-yo, hey.”

After a string of these, he went into the future years of my life, stating each year followed by a short comment as to the prosperity of that year. Finally, he went through the next few months of my life, each with a short comment as to its prosperity. The outlook was good.

Balancing the solar plexus chakra

He finished the session by asking me what questions I had. But my jaw was stiff from being so confused by what had just happened. This session was so fascinating on so many levels that it left me with utter confusion. I thought of the 3 or 4 questions I had, I mumbled them out, but I already knew the answer to all of them by that time. They had become trivial. He even looked at me and said, "So why would you have questions?"

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The experience as a whole is what brought clarity for me on my questions and on a new direction I was choosing with my Soul Healing practice. And his prosperity predictions were right: I now see about 2 to 4 clients each day for about 1.5 hour sessions a piece. Each session has been very loving and informative for the client (as well as me :)

When you see a psychic or spiritual teacher like me or Cau Chin or a psychic Beverly Anderson, the person tunes in to you and can give future predictions based on the current energy of your life. That’s how a prophesy is made. It doesn’t mean it’ll happen, as we all have Free-Will in our lives. But it does mean it has a high probability of happening based on today's energy. But the best reason to talk to someone bout things is to receive practical advice in how to proceed with something, so everyone benefits happily.

I next went on a Monday night to his evening discourse at 6:30pm at Truc Lam meditation center. It’s a nice huge meditation room with massive Buddha statues in the background.

Within an hour, everyone assembles outside in the ‘backyard’ near a stage, where Cau Chin and a Spanish translator provide evening discourse stories from the Buddha, healing stories of people who have been healed with Cau Chin’s help, followed by blessings.

He did share some nice stories about personal healings which have occurred in the predominantly 90% Catholic Hispanic followers that were in the audience of about 250 people that day. Some healings were a woman being able to have a baby, getting a greencard, relationship healings, and other bodily healings.

It’s quite an experience to visit him if you’re in the area. It is like sitting with a little boy. A little boy who owns a Lexus, a beautiful meditation center, a spiritual session shop, has many volunteers working with him and teaching meditation, and spends well over 100 hours a week seeing clients and followers from around the world with no request for money. That’s what’s inspiring about him. He is ‘himself’. Simple, playful, odd, and your mind goes blank when it gets near him, because his world functions so differently than most people’s. It made me want to splash around in a backyard pool and blow bubbles.

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You can catch Cau Chin at his shop in Houston, TX at:
8058 Boone Rd.
By Phone:

Can Chin on Facebook
Cau Chin’s Temple “Truc Lam” on Facebook

Visiting Truc Lam Meditation Center:
Very easy to get there. You go 59 S, exit Wilcrest/Murphy. Take a left at the light onto Murphy (going under the freeway and heading straight). Up ahead, the second street on your left is Brighton. Turn left onto Brighton, and look to your right to see parking area for his Temple. It’s kindof an industrial/ neighborhood/ church/ mechanic mixture use area of town.

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Para tu conveniencia , sesiones pueden ser por telefono. Juan Positivo (John Positive) habla con personas en todo el mundo con sesiones de telefono; Culaquier pregunta o entrenamiento para la mente o emociones- en ingles o espanol.

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30 mnts hasta 1 hr sesiones psiquicas: as preguntas para recibir contestaciones  con amor "Si/No" para un entedimiento de porque esta pasando esa situcion, Tarjetas de Tarot, relajacion guidas, sanaciones y intuición son dadas por John Positivo.

Donacion  sugerido: $50.00

'Tranformacion" Consejos: Pasa 1.5 hr con John Positivo para compartir tu vida, tus obstaculos, y las metas que quieres lograr. Tambien una relajacion guida (con energia de angeles) con qualidades positivos para tu vida actuales,  para cambiar y aprender con tecnicas  como cambiar y 'dominar tu mente' y tambien dominar tu emociones para traer mas paz a tu vida.

Donacion sugerido: $100.00

Nivel 1 Retiro de Dominio Mental: Pasar un fin de semana- Viernes a Domingo- con Juan Positivo aprediendo una meditacion poderosa con aprendizaje de Buddha (Buda) que pueda ayudarte resolver tus problemas en la vida. 

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Llame hoy, 281/ 414-7895

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  1. Hi, i was thinking about going to Mr. Chin this week and stumbled upon your article. What days/hours can you go see him? Thank you so much for the article.

  2. You may find Cau Chin between around 7am and 6pm at night Mon thru Fri. I'd begin standing in line around 5:30am to get a slot early, so you don't wait for hours for a session.

    For chakra balancing, life-coaching, spiritual consultations, and soul healing, you can also check out Houston Spiritual & Soul Healing.

    Enjoy Cau Chin!


  3. He is not open on Mondays because he is at the meditation center. Tues-Sun is his schedule. I would recommend to get there EARLY to save yourself a number.

  4. Thank you for sharing. It is a wonderful experience. Just one suggestion - Master Chin finds it inappropriate to call him a "psychic". I've heard him admonish people in that regard, and his volunteers lecture the group in the waiting room several times during the day about not using that characterization. He is a monk.

  5. Does he open every sunday?

  6. I just started to see Master Chin for the past 2 months and my experience has changed my way of life. Master Chin is amazing and I was shock to know what he knew about ME before I could even talk! Please Please see Master Chin if you need help with healing or any problems you have. He is a wonderful SPRITUAL ADVISER and listen to him and follow his temple on Mondays. Arrive EARLY to get a sitting and go with an open heart and mind. Help one another because that's what we all need to do to help. My life has changed to the better and I thank GOD for Master Chin! God bless everyone!! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Master Cau Chin is an angel he works for God and he teach us how to practice instead pray. My life has changed since I met him for good and I thanks God.

  8. I love Master Chin,he is an angel sent from God to help people. I have been visiting him since 1999 and he has changed my life and gave me better insight of the world and everyday living. I thank God for blessing us with his teachings.....

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