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What it’s Like to Have a Psychic Session with Beverly Anderson, Psychic?

So why do I love Durango's Beverly Anderson? Cause her channeled information changed the course of my life back in 2005.

What it's like sitting with Beverly Anderson is like sitting with the Angels in your lap. The room gets really white. Even her face begins to change shape. You soon cross the barrier between what you think is reality and then you something that is far more open and honest; which is just the energetic dimensions that span all frequencies around you.

But she preps you for that. She opens the session up with a cute introduction about how she doesn’t have a crystal ball, and she doesn’t froth at the mouth, like in some Hollywood movies. Rather the whole experience is quite gentle, and the information that will come through will surprise your mind into its depth and accuracy. She'll say, "I have a wicked Irish sense of humor."

Answers begin to come to her about any topic as she shares them with you in a very loving way. As she says, "Careful what you ask for, cause I'll give you an answer to it!" The only way to do that is to be “out of your mind” and connected to those messages in a very high vibration. So she does it really well. In fact, she’s been providing spiritual sessions with people since the time she was about 16 years old. I think she's been reading tarot since she was 5. The gift runs in her family.

Are you feeling called to work with the Angels?

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How do you know if a psychic or life-coach is good?

They always say to measure their quality by looking at all aspects of that person’s life. There are a lot of scam artists out there, so look at that person’s relationships if you can. Look at their house if you can. Take note of their office and the way they run their business. Is it clean? Does he or she use cheesy methods of advertisement, or do clients seemingly come from no where. Feel their integrity and honesty. Notice the person’s overall health.

In Beverly’s case, she stopped working hard around the time she turned 30. After that, she called all the shots and began taking twice the vacations. She books sessions at least three weeks in advance. People come out of no where to see her; from S. Africa to Russia to the Americas. She has a lovely home, she skies often, and she flies in Hollywood A-Listers to her residence now and again.

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That’s how you can tell the quality of a coach or spiritual counselor as well as the quality of spiritual help that person is receiving from the other side to help his or her business grow and stay strong.

The other thing to notice about a psychic or Soul Healer is “how long does the information that they provide stay fresh?” Many lesser psychics provide information that is relevant for a few days to a few weeks. In Beverly Anderson’s case, her messages can last 18 months or more. I have replayed sessions I’ve had with her up to 3 years later, and I’ve still received benefit from them.

As she likes to say, “I’m psychic as all can get out!”

The word “psychic” has a bad rap in today’s society, but sometimes there’s no better word to use. All she does is something quite loving and simple; something which happens naturally to many people when they get themselves into Advanced Forms of Personal Development. When you purify the mind, you end up solving a task without 5 or 6 other things going on in your mind. You have a quiet mind from which inspiration and ideas flow to you from out of nowhere. This is something Einstein discovered.

For most people, they solve tasks with songs playing in their minds, arguments from the night before rolling around, ideas about the upcoming event rolling around, judgments about the tasks being accomplished, etc etc.

CLICK to get an idea of all the nasty mental defilements and impurities that typically go through a person’s mind in today’s society. When I did this exercise, I had so many people email me and ask, “Was that you or me that you were writing about?!”

Beverly is a natural. But for those of us who aren't naturals yet want to live this higher vibration, we have to do the work by releasing all of that negative mental programming. When Beverly's sitting in a session with you, then she's completely connected with you. No other programs twitching in her mind- no restlessness or negativity. Her mind is only connected to the messages of the Angels and the Universe. She only brings back exactly what she’s being told, which is dimensions of delicious volumes of information.

During a session, she starts with, “I’m going to tune in to your Angels, then I’ll Reader’s Digest the information for you as I go “Blahhhh”, and translate it all as best I can, ok? So just sit tight. Afterwards you can ask questions.”

I met her during a really crucial time in my life after a major car accident I had had back in 2005. I happened to be walking by her beautiful home, as my engineering company was paving her road. She came out of her house, gave me some advice, and then told me we’d meet again in a year. Sure enough, a year went by, and I bumped into her again. We set up an appointment, and she proceeded to tell me information from my past 2000 years. I knew it was true, cause the tears wouldn’t stop flowing from my face. Their accuracy was like arrows piercing my heart from all the pain I had given myself over so many centuries.

That was September, 2006. It was amazing to hear my voice on that recording just a few years ago. It was so tight, constricted, confined. It was growing more positive, because I had spent the previous 9 months doing 4 hours to 16 hours a day of personal development on my own time to reprogram years and years of damaging thinking. But still I was very confined and conscious-minded, as I was still an engineer in life, and still under tremendous amounts of financial stresses, gripped and attached to what I thought my life should look like, feel like, taste like, smell like, and sound like.

Are you feeling called to work with the Angels?

Send $17 with this link to receive a 4-part lesson in Angel Training by Master Angel Trainer, Beverly Anderson. This powerful, gentle audio track teaches you step-by-step how to breathe and receive guidance from your Angels. Approx 1hr. Audios arrive into your Inbox within 48hrs and carry a 100% money-back guarantee through vipassananewworld at

Proceeds allow for Instructors with Vipassana New World to continue training with Beverly.

Act now, Psychic Audios like this rarely are made available, and you can count on Beverly Anderson's loving connection to guide you through to your victorious Angelic connection. This is the Audio to purchase if you are serious about your Angelic Connection.

But Beverly really opened me up in that session telling me about the car accident and why I decided to come back to earth for this lifetime. She told me aspects of that car accident I hadn't told anyone before, and she even knew more about it than I did. So I spent the next few years every 6 months going back to her to have a few more sessions, until they got more advanced.

It was at that time that she told me, Now I want you to pull away from me and to start to go deeply on your own path without my help. I can help you in one more area, but it’s you who will have to do the work from now on. It’s time to graduate from my services.”

I thought that was another great clue that this was a quality psychic and spiritual counselor. She didn’t want to drain me of my money, but rather, to help me become my own voice.

In those years with her, I learned a lot about how to function within deeper laws of the universe; how the Angels and how God work. The universe won’t ever ‘tell’ you what to do in life. Yet that’s always what we want. Haven’t you ever noticed yourself begging to God, “Tell me what to do! Just do this for me!”

But they will however provide options and guidance as needed. And you can also learn how to utilize God and the Angels (and Universe Energy) to help you manifest what you need in life to create your goals if they are for the good of others. I have become very good at that in the past few years.

Beverly Anderson is a sweetheart.

I tell you though, if you call her frantically, wanting her to solve some dire challenge for you, then she knows exactly when that’s happening, and she’ll be sure not to get back to you until the frantic problem has passed. That’s happened to me a lot. She does not get involved in your karma. This has taught me a lot about responsibility.

Good or bad, your life is your life, and you have no right to throw it on someone else, when it was you who helped bring it to where it is. She’ll wait a few days, listen to what the Angels have to say about your life, then she may call you back if it’s the right time.

In 2010, I moved back to the USA from India and opened the first fully functional John Positive Company office in Houston, TX. We provide Soul Healing sessions as well as weekly life-coaching phone parties, called "The Positive Path".

It was Beverly Anderson's guidance through the Angels, along with my devotion to a few Advanced forms of Personal Development that became the catalyst to develop and improve my life to where it is today. Learning about my past karmas helped me develop a sense of how to release it to live a happier life. [You can click on to review some of the articles I’ve written about this.]

Life Improvement is not an easy task. But when the train starts moving, it’s like nothing can stop it. And your relationships get stronger, your career gets more inspired, your health gets more revitalized. It is positive all around.

You learn 2 things:
“If you want more, you gotta become more.”
“If you do Good, then Good comes back to you.”

I want to personally thank many of the teachers I have had in my life as the reasons I am so happy and love spreading a positive message into the lives of others. Teachers like Ron Roth, Beverly Anderson, Aiping Wang, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sathya Sai Baba, and SN Goenka; they have all stepped forward to indirectly teach me different aspects of myself, the universe, and of God, and to help me calm things within me that were erratic.

Beverly Anderson is the real deal. And you will learn in a sessions with her that God, Angels, and Universe Energy is the real deal. You will learn that you can tap into any answer you’ve ever had about yourself and life if learn how to quiet the mind and connect yourself to the Truth all around you.

She likes to lovingly say, “You gotta learn how to shut up for 3 whole seconds, then maybe you’ll hear something!”

If you would like to book a session with psychic Beverly Anderson, then contact her office: 970dash382dash0277. She usually works on referral basis, so you may need to contact me (see email below) first and provide short intro. If you call her directly, be prepared to leave a message and have her call you back within a few days.

Inner Intelligence Coaching Sessions

The John Positive Company office number is 818.632.1179. Call to ask any life question, be it a challenge or desire, and listen to the options which come up for you. .

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your session with Beverly or us. She is a sweetheart of pure love. Bring a tape recorder to get the session recorded! It will serve for years to come. If it's a phone session, buy a wire recorder from Radio Shack ($20) that goes in your ear and plugs into your voice recorder.

-Jan Tijmes
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“Show me the breath of God in all things.”


  1. Is there any one like Beverly Anderson in Houston, TX area.

  2. to be quite honest, there isn't anyone like Beverly anderson anywhere. each person has a very unique life energy, and therefore, ability.
    it's for this reason people either fly to her or do phone sessions with her from around the world.

    there is a guy who sometimes comes to Houston named 'Michael Savago' who does psychic sessions and healings, but they would be very different. Beverly focuses on karma, past lives, past patterns, current patterns, and has a direct link to Angels that i haven't come across yet.

    She is quite clean in her link, and she can be very direct in what she shares (ie: she'll give exactly what you ask, and sometimes this answer can stun us :)

    i come to Houston every month or so from Sedona as well. Next class I teach is Jun 15th at Centerpoint Houston. Angel Healings, Soul Sessions, and Transformational Coaching sessions will also be provided that week to many of my existing clients. Add'l, the next Mental Mastery Weekend Retreat I'll teach is Jun 17 thru 19th in the Woodlands. These types of retreats help us to resolve our challenges on our own by slowly re-patterning our minds into more positive and natural states. For $200, they include lodging, the teachings, the food, and nice group of people to grow with. (see:

    You may give Beverly a call and see where it leads.

    that you may be peaceful in life,
    The John Positive Company

  3. I have had a couple of sessions with Beverly and she is right on. It has helped me in ways that I couldnot imagine. Some of the best spent money I have done ever.

  4. It is great to know by you that she is right now. Can you please share some more details with me about her? I hope that you will cooperate.

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